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Leader in Guardrail Injury Litigation

2019-07-19T08:50:23-05:00July 18th, 2019|Representative Cases|

Vehicle guardrails along the nation’s roads and highways are designed to protect vehicle occupants during collisions. Specifically, the leading end of the barrier – a piece known as the end terminal – must be designed and installed to ensure that it crumples on impact in a way that absorbs energy from the collision. Properly designed guardrails should flatten and “ribbon” out and away while allowing a vehicle to safely come to a stop.

But across the country, motorists and passengers have suffered grave and sometimes fatal injuries caused by defective and unreasonably dangerous guardrails. In these cases, investigations often reveal that design defects cause the guardrail to bend the wrong direction and slice through the vehicle’s passenger compartment.

Boyd Powers & Williamson has extensive experience representing individuals who have been injured by defective guardrails. The firm has specific expertise investigating and prosecuting lawsuits related to the ET Plus guardrail manufactured by Trinity Industries, as well as other designs and manufacturers. Led by trial lawyer Derrick Boyd, the firm was the first in the country to satisfactorily settle a major injury lawsuit alleging ET Plus design defects.

There is no room for error when these roadway tragedies occur, but federal regulators are limited in their authority to ensure that government contractors properly design and install these barriers. When injuries occur, it is up to the legal system to hold responsible parties accountable.

Guardrail defect litigation is complex and requires detailed investigation of engineering and design elements to identify defects and determine who was at fault. These cases also demand a law firm that is willing to take on armies of corporate defense attorneys and build a case that resonates with juries.

At BPW, we have proven we understand the complexity of guardrail cases.  We continue to advocate for our clients’ safety – which ultimately leads to positive safety changes for all.

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