Boyd, Powers & Williamson is a hometown law firm that represents the little guy—or in some cases, the big guy—anyone who is fighting against injustice, unfairness, or legal threat.

Derrick Boyd, Alan Powers and Allen Williamson worked together at another firm for ten years before branching out to start Boyd, Powers & Williamson in 2016.  The founders were friends and colleagues who ultimately realized they could be better together. After a handshake deal, they rented an office on State Street and set up shop with a small team of attorneys and legal assistants. Their first client was a Wise-county local who wanted lawyers that understood Decatur and the needs of its citizens.  By the next year, the firm had grown enough to add new lawyers to keep up with the growing legal needs of North Texans.

Today, BPW is a full-service law firm with eight attorneys. We serve clients in everything from Serious Personal Injury to Business Litigation and most every legal service in between. As we continued to grow, we opened sister offices in Ft. Worth and Hobbs, New Mexico; this expansion allows us to serve the serious personal injury and oil-and-gas clients who have been with us since the beginning while also bringing broader expertise and resources to clients across the Southwest.

Through it all, BPW’s goals and values have remained the same. Work hard. Know our clients. Stand up for the little guy. Fight injustice. Be fair, honest, and upfront.

We know our clients work hard to provide for their families and build businesses that prosper. Our job—and indeed, our greatest source of pride—is to protect their interests.  Your success is our success.

BPW operates on a “contingent fee basis” for many cases. This means that potential cases with merit require no fees or cost to you unless we successfully resolve your case.

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