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Dodging Responsibility

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What Happened

Daniel Rosa was on his way home for the day when he stopped to talk to a crew performing maintenance on what they thought was an abandoned ejection line. In reality, the line was very much active, and exploded as the crew was attempting to remove a pipe coupler. The line struck Mr. Rosa, breaking his left ankle. He was struck again, causing permanent injuries to his back and arm, as he tried crawling away.

Mr. Rosa would spend more than a week in the hospital, undergoing multiple surgeries, as doctors attempted to repair the damage that had been done. The time he spent recuperating, visiting doctors, and undergoing physical rehabilitation kept him away from his job, putting him and his family in a precarious financial situation. The company which employed the work crew responsible for the accident, unsurprisingly, denied all wrongdoing.


When we began working with Mr. Rosa, our job was clear: We would need to prove that the work crew and its employer had caused Mr. Rosa’s injuries. Compensation for his injuries as well as his family’s well-being depended on our ability to do that. The results of our investigation spoke for themselves. After presenting them to the company responsible for the accident, we were able to settle the matter out of court and get justice for our client and friend.

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